Monday, 26 September 2011


Yaw wazzup gang,
just 2 paper more for me to end my first semester,
really excited now,.
but dont too excited amer,.
as long you dont get your pointer,.
so scared if i dont get higher pointer,.
just pray lah amer,.
only that can u do,.

i dont want to share that to you all,.
i want you all to know what is v loggers,. 
i'm sure that you all known about v logger right??
It does not matter,.v logger is something like bloogger..
but vlooger is something that we share by video,.
our own face that we show to all,.
but there have a point when you do vlogging,.
not just a zero,.just see the top vlogger in malysia.
my favourite vlogger is matluthfi,.he the best vlogger.

Mat lutfi

Anwar hadi


that all vlooger that i know,.
i hope your enjoy the video,.                                                               

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