Saturday, 24 September 2011

-new life begin-

Hey guys,.
long time no see,
i'm quit busy few past week,.
no time to update this blog,.
if i update also no one to read this right??
i'm not popular like hujan, bunkface to update,.
haha,i dont have thing to tell,.just want to share what i want to share,.

this week is my final exam week,.
i have 3 remaining paper that not completely do yet,.
i feel bad this week,. struggle to pass all paper,.
for ain that read this blog thanx to teach me chemistry,.
my weakness subject is chemistry,.always fail,.i hate number in chemistry,.
she taught me with high patience and i catch up it little bit,.
i hope my chemistry pass, hopefully la,.but impossible,.

and another thing that i want to tell,.
if u dont know my attitude,.my real attitude ok,.!!
dont judge it rashly,.i hate when people judge me bad appearance,.
that was a jerk u know,.but i not care,.that ur problem as long my money in my pocket,.
and before i forget,.friend like eating,.if we want we just eat,.if we dont want we throw it easily,.
so think it clearly,.friend and family i rather to choose family,.i dont want to waste my money to treat friend,.
like my father always advice me,.
"keep ur money and dont waste.,we are not rich person,.we came from poor background,.how hard to find the money"
that all i want to share to u all,.i hope u enjoy to read it,.thanx follower.

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